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Indian Music for Western Musicians | taught by Paul Z Livingstone
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Paul Z Livingstone
Paul Z Livingstone
performer/composer/teaching artist

About the instructor

International performing artist & educator Paul Livingstone is one of the few American disciples of the legendary 'godfather of world music', Pt. Ravi Shankar and well as Amiya Dasgupta and sarod maestro Pt. Rajeev Taranath. Growing up with blues and rock n roll Paul become mesmerized by Ravi's music at the age of twelve and moved to India at age 15 to begin a life-long journey with the traditional raga music and rhythms of Indian classical music Paul studied raga music for over 30 years with and received his BFA & MFA at Cal Arts. Paul is now one of the leading sitarists in America today as he continues to study and expand his musical vision in the rigorous and creative traditions of classical raga music, jazz and Latin music. He has toured around the US, Latin America, Europe, South East Asia and India with many of the leading tabla players of India as well as a diversity of world and jazz artists of the highest caliber as well. He has performed and recorded with a number of popular artists as well such as Alanis Morrisette, Beck, Rubén Albarrán, Juan Gabriel, and Build an Ark and played on two Grammy Award winning records (Ozomatli and Rickey Kej).

Paul founded and leads the Arohi Ensemble for which he writes original 'raga jazz chamber music', as well as composing for film, tv, theater and dance. His original work is focused around Indian ragas & rhythm and reflects an amalgamation of influences from which he has studied directly from master musicians, including jazz and chamber music, Javanese gamelan, Persian classical, African and Mexican and Cuban music. He plays a variety of guitars and strings including fretless guitars of his own design and is an award winning teaching artist, performer and composer in the field of 'world music synthesis'.

Paul maintains a vision of cross-cultural performance that engages the transcendent joy of music and reflects his innermost social, political & spiritual values. He is endorsed by D'Addario Strings and Godin Guitars and plays the Scott Hackleman 'personal tanpura'.

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This is the place for serious western musicians to dive into the teeming ocean of Indian music. Jump into some intriguing musical repertoire and see how this tradition can bring creative inspiration and ideas into your own music!

This is an in-depth, no nonsense course with simple to understand explanations that are not simplistic. The course offers repertoire chosen specifically for playing on western instruments and we are committed to making this material immediately effective and accessible in a musical language you understand.

The Ragas & Rhythms Pro Course will give you an authentic understanding and ear for this music. On the path you'll become a better skilled musician armed with sonic possibilities inspired by the age old music system of India.

Join us today and lock in a discounted rate for your first three months of study. Lets dive into the evocative world of raga music and the exciting rhythms of Indian music for singing or playing on western instruments. For musicians of any style.

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Testimonial: Paul is an exceptional musician with a wide spectrum of skills that span cultural divides. His approach is unique and global, and heralds the coalescence of disparate music forms while remaining accessible. The ensembles he has performed with and taught are unique in their originality and complexity. Paul is renowned for his work as a performer and teacher, both of which receive his deep dedication. His joie de vivre and enthusiasm for his music are contagious, and resonate with students. ~ Susan Allen (late) Instructor of Harp & Improvisation, California Institute of the Arts

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